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Case studies

Loux Free AR 3D

Technology: AR + AI

Overview: Loux Free AR 3D - New product promotion

Loux Free Video Example

Evlogia AR videos

Technology: AR + AI

Overview: Augmented Reality with videos for Evlogia marmalade

Evlogia custom video animation Example
Evlogia commercial video Example

Lacta AI

Technology: AR + AI

Overview: "AI Love You" - Sending Personalized Love Letters


"AI Love You," offering users the chance to express their love through heartfelt letters generated with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Utilizing the cutting-edge capabilities of GPT-3, users can effortlessly compose entire love letters within seconds by simply declaring their feelings and reasons for love.

How It Works:

Through the user-friendly website www.ailoveyou.gr, the process is as smooth as can be. Users start by stating "I love you" and the reasons why. The AI-powered system then takes over, crafting a beautiful love letter tailored to their emotions and sentiments.

Personalization and Editing:

But the journey doesn't end there! Users have the freedom to customize the letter, requesting alternative versions, or making any desired changes. The goal is to make the letter truly reflective of their unique bond and connection.

Sending the Love Letter:

Once the letter is perfected, users can send it to their beloved through a unique link. The recipient, upon clicking the link, will have a heartwarming surprise in store. By pointing their mobile camera at any Lacta chocolate packaging, they will witness the letter magically appear on the chocolate, thanks to the wonders of Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Enhanced Experience:

To make the experience even more personal and special, senders can choose to record their own voice reading the letter. This audio recording will accompany the AR experience, allowing the recipient to hear the heartfelt message from the sender themselves.

Seamless Recognition:

The magic of AI doesn't stop there. Advanced AI recognition technology has been incorporated, eliminating the need for QR codes. The system seamlessly identifies all Lacta chocolate packaging, enhancing the overall user experience.


With "AI Love You," we demonstrate our expertise in blending AR and AI technologies to create an enchanting and heartfelt experience. The application brings a new level of personalization to expressing love, making it a perfect choice for anyone seeking to touch the heart of their special someone. Embrace the power of technology to foster meaningful connections, and let "AI Love You" help spread love and joy to your loved ones.

Lacta Video Example


Technology: AR + AI

Overview: Trident Masaei - Gamified Augmented Reality Experience for Chewing Gum Packages


Introducing "Trident Masaei," a unique web application via mobile phone that allows users to embark on a delightful quest to discover specific chewing gum packages among 25 different flavors. By scanning the packages with their mobile phones, users can participate in an exciting contest for a chance to win a grand prize of one thousand euros.

Application Development:

For the development of Trident Masaei, we harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to train the system to recognize the 25 different chewing gum packages participating in the contest. This AI-powered recognition system forms the backbone of the application, enabling smooth and accurate identification of contest-worthy packages.

The Gamified Experience:

The user journey begins with the thrilling challenge of finding the elusive gum package that qualifies for the contest. Armed with their mobile phones, users embark on a delightful scavenger hunt through stores or wherever the gum packages are available. The interactive gamified experience enhances user engagement, making the quest both entertaining and rewarding.

Sending the Love Letter:

Once the letter is perfected, users can send it to their beloved through a unique link. The recipient, upon clicking the link, will have a heartwarming surprise in store. By pointing their mobile camera at any Lacta chocolate packaging, they will witness the letter magically appear on the chocolate, thanks to the wonders of Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Augmented Reality (AR) Graphics:

Once users successfully locate the contest-qualifying package, the fun doesn't end there. We incorporated cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) graphics to elevate the experience to new heights. Through AR, users are presented with delightful visual elements that confirm the package's participation in the contest, adding a sense of wonder and excitement.

Personalized Participation:

With Trident Masaei, every user's journey is unique. The AI-driven recognition system ensures that each participant has an equal chance to discover and participate in the contest. The personalized experience fosters a sense of connection and ownership, enticing users to share the app with friends and family.

Results and Impact:

The gamified nature of Trident Masaei has garnered significant attention and engagement from users of all ages. The interactive elements, combined with the thrill of winning a substantial cash prize, have attracted a broad audience and created a buzz around the brand and its products. The application has not only increased brand visibility but has also strengthened the emotional connection between consumers and the Trident chewing gum brand.


Trident Masaei showcases the power of artificial intelligence and augmented reality in creating an engaging and memorable user experience. By combining gamification, AR graphics, and AI recognition, the application succeeds in enticing users to explore and discover, fostering loyalty and excitement around the Trident chewing gum brand. Embrace the innovative world of Trident Masaei and join in the fun as users embark on a journey of delightful surprises and the chance to win big!

Trident Video Example


Technology: AR + AI

Overview: Innovative Tourist Promotion with Greek National Tourist Organization


In collaboration with the Greek National Tourist Organization, we developed a groundbreaking approach to promote the Western Greece region as a tourist destination. Our team designed a revolutionary concept using augmented reality (AR) to enhance the traditional tourist postcard experience. By incorporating QR codes, we created an immersive and interactive way for tourists to explore and engage with the region like never before.

The Concept:

At the heart of our project was the creation of a unique tourist postcard that featured a prominent QR code on its surface. This QR code served as the gateway to a captivating AR experience that would transport users directly into the magical world of Western Greece.

User Experience:

When a tourist scans the QR code on the postcard using their mobile phone, a whole new dimension unfolds before their eyes. We designed an awe-inspiring AR video that seamlessly blended with the physical boundaries of the postcard, providing an enchanting tour of the region's natural beauty, historical landmarks, and cultural heritage.

Exploring Western Greece:

The AR video took users on a virtual journey through the picturesque landscapes of Western Greece. They could witness ancient ruins come to life, marvel at the pristine beaches, and experience the vibrant local traditions and festivals. Our goal was to captivate their imagination and ignite a desire to visit and explore the region in person.

Personalized and Shareable:

To further enhance the experience, we ensured that each postcard's AR video was personalized based on the tourist's location and preferences. By tailoring the content, we aimed to create a sense of connection and make the experience even more memorable. Additionally, tourists were encouraged to share the captivating AR videos with their friends and family, spreading the charm of Western Greece far and wide.

Results and Impact:

The innovative use of AR in traditional postcards garnered widespread attention and enthusiasm from tourists. The captivating AR experience acted as a powerful promotional tool, increasing interest and tourism in Western Greece. The Greek National Tourist Organization witnessed a significant rise in engagement, social media shares, and positive feedback from tourists who experienced the AR postcards.


Our collaboration with the Greek National Tourist Organization demonstrated the potential of augmented reality in revolutionizing tourist promotions. By creating personalized and immersive AR experiences, we successfully attracted more visitors to explore the captivating beauty of Western Greece. Embrace the power of AR to transform traditional marketing approaches, and let the magic of augmented reality open new doors for tourism pr

Cartpostal Video Example

Figure AR

Technology: AR


Overview: The objective was to inspire school graduates in Switzerland and encourage them to pursue an apprenticeship at BKW using an innovative approach. BKW aimed to connect with school graduates, offering them a modern way to explore career opportunities without the need for traditional face-to-face events. A contemporary and contactless method was developed using augmented reality.

Printed stands with human figures featured a QR code. Once the students scanned the QR code with their mobile phones, without the need to download any application, an augmented reality video was presented, explaining the benefits of being a new employee at BKW. This interactive and engaging approach allowed BKW to effectively communicate with potential apprentices and showcase the advantages of joining their organization in a unique and memorable way.

Figure AR Video Example

Sensopro AR presentation

Technology: AR


With dimensions of 2.50m x 1.40m x 2.35m, Sensopro requires some space for a showroom. Is Sensopro best suited for the niche at the back of the room or more prominently placed at the entrance? We have developed Sensopro as an AR object so that customers can easily experience it by visiting the Sensopro website on their mobile phones and placing the device in any room. With the AR application, Sensopro saves time by reducing hours of consultation, cumbersome on-site visits, and dissatisfied customers. The saved energy can be invested in inventing the next brilliant fitness device.

Customers can also place Sensopro in their living space and admire it from all angles, rotating and turning it. Most importantly, they can test if the furniture fits into their living room, warehouse, or fitness center.

With us, you get everything you need in one place: the entire 3D modeling and AR production, along with expert advice.

Senso Pro Video Example

Brochure AR presentation

Technology: AR


Small Description

Brochure Video Example

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